Sondre Rasch, Co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing

Show Notes

In this episode, we spoke to Sondre Rasch, Co-founder & CEO of SafetyWing. Sondre has a diverse past – being a serial entrepreneur, a freelancer and also a policy advisor to the government of Norway.

He has been working for over three years on SafetyWing and shares his experiences of building tech around providing insurance for digital nomads and remote workers. His thoughts on a new “Internet Country” are very nuanced.

Impressively, two of his startups have been a part of Y-Combinator’s programme. He talks about the advantages of participating in such a programme and appreciates the clear direction & the need to constantly improve that is instilled as a consequence.

SafetyWing is a 100% distributed company. Having worked remotely almost all his life, this seemed like a natural decision for him. He recognises the challenges of working remotely but also shares how he solved for them. For startups and companies that have been thrust into remote work suddenly due to COVID-19, his comments on the non-negotiables to run a successful remote working team are sure to be very useful.

He advises all new startups to not think of remote working as a handicap but to accept & project it as a serious advantage/ USP. His experience suggests that VCs no longer consider the remote working aspect of a start-up to be a concern – instead even viewing it to be a clear edge.

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