Scott Hanford, Director of Customer Acquisition at InVision

Show Notes

Scott Hanford, Director of Customer Acquisition at InVision, joined us on the Remote Working Show this week. He traversed the diverse worlds of Investment Banking and Entrepreneurship, to then lead product growth at multiple startups before joining InVision.

InVision, one of the leading design tools in the world, has about 900 employees and is a 100% globally distributed company. We explored remote working through the lens of Scott, who has seen Product Growth in both a co-located and remotely distributed team setting.

Scott shares how he stumbled into remote working and how InVision’s culture has helped him integrate seamlessly into his role. As a manager, he explains that while remote working can rid one of the in-office idiosyncrasies such as “face time”, it is still tough to address problems of a poorly performing employee. His solution to such a challenge is to be highly transparent about one’s goals and to micromanage such individuals in terms of their output.

In terms of building a culture, Scott recognized that intentional initiatives have not worked very well at InVision. Interactions that are organic in nature are the ones that have built a strong culture successfully. InVision is still trying to find other methods to sustain its culture as the company continues to scale.

There is a lot more that Scott had to share around remote work at InVision. Do hear the podcast and share your feedback!

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