I facilitate productive meetings, in-person and remote – Aydin Mirzaee, Fellow.app

Show Notes

Aydin has been an entrepreneur since a young age. He left a stable job after college and dedicated himself to building a product and growing a company.

In August 2014, that company, Fluidware, was acquired by SurveyMonkey. 

He is currently building Fellow.app, a product that helps managers have effective meetings, exchange feedback and track goals.

Aydin spoke at length about how it is to build and run a business for 8+ years and then start something fresh – the motivation/ rationale and how much of the previous success helps now.

An interesting part of Aydin’s journey is that he bootstrapped his first startup but raised a $6.5mn seed round before launch for Fellow. He shared his thoughts on when funding makes more sense and more specifically, why it did in case of Fellow.app.

Tune in to listen to the full episode here!

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