Darren Murph, All-Remote Culture Curator at GitLab

Show Notes

In this episode, we had a great conversation with Darren Murph, All Remote Culture Curator at GitLab. Darren leads all remote initiatives at GitLab while also working on spreading the word about these initiatives.

GitLab is probably the biggest 100% distributed company at 900+ remote workers and on the path to surpassing 1000 employees across over 60 countries. While they just happened to stumble into remote working as the first three employees were placed in different countries. This could have changed after entering Y-Combinator, but they just happened to grow as a remote team. The growth as a remote team from there onwards has been through highly intentional decisions.

The discussion helped us uncover why GitLab feels strongly about remote work. Additionally, Darren helps lay down the roadmap for a company to transition from an in-office setting to a remote setting, both through direct inputs as well as through Gitlab’s internal processes.

GitLab has started an “All-Remote Pick Your Brain” initiative to help answer and document questions related to remote working. To schedule an interview you can visit this page. Further details about GitLab’s remote initiatives can be found here.

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