Episode #1 – Brenna Loury, Head of Marketing, Doist

In the very first episode, we engage in a casual conversation with Brenna Loury, Head of Marketing at Doist.

Brenna has donned multiple hats over the course of her career. She has run her own pr agency successfully for over 3 years, worked for an ngo in a foreign land for close to a year, has been a radio show host and a dj for a couple of years. She currently heads marketing at Doist, a fully remote, bootstrapped company behind two successful products, twist and todoist.

Interestingly, Brenna talks about the importance of having a hobby or passion outside of work and how this is a critical factor they look for in potential employees. While remote working gives her immense flexibility, especially given she is a working mother, Brenna says she misses out on getting to know her co-workers well.

Brenna is all sport to our fun segments spread throughout the conversation!


#1 – Brenna’s Typical Day

Brenna speaks about her typical work day and managing her tasks/ time.

#2 – “Tools I use”

Interestingly, Brenna’s team at Doist has no standups! In this segment, she touches upon the tools she uses at work each day.

Full Episode

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